Friday, August 25, 2017

Trump denies the left a scalp

I am pleased to inform you that I have just granted a full Pardon to 85 year old American patriot Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He kept Arizona safe!


  1. But I hear he's let Ghorka get away. Very foolish.

  2. I'm sure some on the right will disagree with that, but it will drive leftists nuts. That on its own is enough reason.

    It's not like commuting the sentence of someone like Manning.

  3. We need a new meme here, who can draw pics of these whiney Libs and put pink underwear over their heads???? Somewhere on the pink underwear in black letters print “SJW”….Sheriff Joe Warriors.

  4. That was justice done, and I'm so glad to have an American president who could set this travesty right! Sheriff Joe only enforced the law, against the wishes of the Obama administration. That should earn him kudos, not indictment!

    Now I'd like to see the activist judge impeached & recalled. She has no business on the bench if her judgements are politically biased!