Sunday, August 13, 2017

I was suspicious of this, especially the female minister of defense of Albania

He is the legendary leader of the anti-communist resistance in the Polish People's Republic. He founded the Workers Defense Committee (KOR), the forerunner of Solidarity, later directing Solidarity’s Center for Social Research. He also established Głos, one of the first independent publications of the communist era. A former political prisoner, he was arrested over 20 times.

With this guy in charge, I wouldn't mess with the Poles.


  1. But the FFFEEEELLLSSSSSS!!! It's all about the feels! Can't you just hear it now....kumbya my son, kumbya, can't we just love each other and hug each person. Yeppers, that will cure all of the worlds ills.


    (excuse me while I scrape all this snark off me!!!)

  2. Nice video on Polish history:

  3. best to consider voting records to seek facts:

  4. (excuse me while I scrape all this snark off me!!!)