Sunday, August 20, 2017

The boy thinks I should buy this for movies and photo editing

Background: our current TV is about 15 years old, and is only the third TV the wife and I have ever owned as adults.  We usually stream content over the internet through our computers nowadays, and rarely turn the tube on. We literally never watch regular TV channels.  He thinks we could do all that we do do with this big screen, in 4G.



  1. I bought a 32 inch for the bedroom and have been very happy with it. Had it about six months. I am not an audiophile, or whatever the TV equivalent is. I found the sound and appearance to be satisfactory.
    The only thin I watch on broad cast tv is a secondary channel that broadcast weather information 24/7. I keep that on the kitchen TV all day long so I can check the wx as I pass through

  2. Check to make sure that your computer, video set up and band width are sufficient to deliver what you are expecting from the capability inherent in the whatever TV/monitor you select. If you don't have one already, get a video card for your computer that has the output the monitor will take, then up the native resolution and this will quickly become your computer monitor; only caution is that once you have lived with this, there is no going back...

  3. Go for it. We only go around once so make the best of it. I don't watch much TV, cause I don't like the modern Millennial "Reality" stuff. I try to avoid the news because it's so theatrical and fake it's an insult to my intelligence. I can't deal with 10 million on demand streaming as well. I have a small flat screen LG TV and a multi-region DVD player. I order DVDs from Amazon. Mostly 1960's, 70's and 80's stuff. Just finished the "Sniper" trilogy with Tom Berenger and now I'm loading up a Charles Bronson 1970's thriller "The Mechanic". Works for me.

    1. You've probably seen it already- but if you haven't, Leon the Professional (1994) is incredibly good. If you like The Mechanic, then you'll like this!

  4. the boy is wiser beyond his years....go for it Love Mine!!!

  5. Friggin' Kids...

  6. thirty two inches is as big a screen as you need. Those giant screens will give you a neck ache - sort of like watching a long tennis match. If you seldom watch TV you are smart. Never watching the inanity should be the goal.

  7. My monitor is a 32" Acer 1080p TV. I don't watch TV, cut the cable long ago as I don't care to support CNN, MSNBC and the other liars, and modern TV shows leave me cold.

    I watch lots of old movies. Amazon Prime has tons of them, so does Netflix, and I download some. There are stacks of streaming sites. I like some anime shows which are streamed (your ISP may not like streaming, so you may need a VPN; I'd recommend one anyway for privacy.)

    Totally agree with Anonymous above: once you have lived with this, there's no going back!

  8. Go for it, if you watch or play anything in 4K the detail alone is worth watching.
    Now about the 4G, it depends on your provider. The latency can have a detrimental affect while gaming, sometimes. Again depending on your provider and what they deliver.
    Or if you have a provider that has the speed and bandwidth, it can be better than good cable speeds and bandwidth.

  9. Yes, definitely get a Smart TV of whatever brand. You can watch YouTube on it, and get Amazon Prime original series like "Bosch". My husband and I are opera aficionados. For $150 per year we have complete access to the Metropolitan Opera (all performances except for the current season) and in the near future we will probably be able to get a similar deal with the Royal Shakespeare Company (not yet but it's definitely the way of the future). RSC, the National Theatre, and The Globe already broadcast into movie theaters as special events, only a matter of time until they offer the same streaming at home. Such access enables us to choose from a wider range of possible geographic locations to live since we are no longer tied to "cultural centers" (big leftist cities)