Saturday, March 2, 2024

Meanwhile, up in Lake Tahoe.....



  1. I-80 has been closed since last night, and the way they're talking it won't reopen 'til tomorrow at the earliest.

  2. Used to live in Grass Valley. Happy to miss this storm, up here in Northern Wisconsin we have had barely any snow. Was able to go for a walk today in short sleeves.

    1. The bright side: This series of storms will put NorCal over 100% of normal to date snowpack for the first time this year.

      And if not being able to get over the hill might present a problem, one could do a little research to discover that not only is Highway 50 still open, so is State Highway 70 up the Feather River Canyon and over the lowest pass in the Sierra, Beckwourth Pass. But then that's more research than the Slope Dopes can handle, as opposed to using an I-Phone app or a Google Earth 'Help I'm Lost' app.

  3. Heard the wind was really ripping too. Find someplace warm and hunker down.

  4. 12:30 pm Sunday, Pacific time. Still snowing on I-80. Road still unplowed and closed. Looks like it will be a three day closure. I can't remember the last time that happened.

    Highway 50 is still open with chain control at Kyburz (just over 4000 ft. elevation).

  5. 3:30 pm - The snow finally let up. Looks like they opened the road to cars and pickups. Still closed to semi's. There's still very little traffic on the road.

  6. 5:15 pm.
    Ooops. The road's still closed. Must be local traffic I'm seeing.
    Sorry about that.