Monday, September 26, 2022

When GM knew how to market their products properly



  1. Yes. But now, well, duh-VERS-uh-tee you know.
    That and the fiction that EV is the "Next Best Thing!", which it manifestly is NOT.
    The market will find the best option and the market discarded EV about the same time Edison died.

    1. Hydrogen fuel cells offer an alternative energy source without the many drawbacks of batteries. Unfortunately there is no infrastructure for the production and distribution of hydrogen. Dismantling petro and building hydrogen systems would be costly. More costly than new electricity generation and a beefed up grid?

  2. You can tell that's not a photograph. The graphic artist drew the exhaust manifold aiming directly through the oil filter. That would lead to a bad day...

  3. I had a Delta 88 with the Rocket 350 in it. That was the worst engine I have ever seen. Even British Leyland cars had a more reliable engine.

  4. Everybody has a fedora on except the dame.