Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Classic



  1. I Would consider "series 70" a CLASSIC a 80 series is a lawyers model, I convert mine to 70's

    1. the 70 series model is better by far. have a old gold cup trophy model that
      I love. had it worked over by a good smith. he called me the next day and asked what in the hell I have bein shooting thru it. he then replaced all the springs and tighten it up a bit. after he found out I was not shooting target wad cutter thru it. but if I do my part, it will put them real tight on target every time.
      also check out rock island 1911's. I have found them better than most Kimbers I tried out.

  2. The barrel bushing has been replaced because the spring steel portion of it that centers the barrel wore out over time and use. I bought a new Series 80 in 1985. Still shooting it. Barrel bushing wore out and was replaced years ago.

  3. I have a 80s modle, love it

  4. Everything it needs, nothing it doesnt.