Friday, September 30, 2022

A fossilized Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, estimated to be around 66-68 million years-old, is expected to sell for as much as $25 million in an upcoming auction at Christie's Hong Kong in November.


The sale, which will occur on Nov. 30, will mark the first time a T-Rex skeleton is offered at (public) auction in Asia, Christie's said in a Thursday statement.

The T-Rex named Shen, meaning god-like in Chinese, will be available to view at the Victoria Theater & Concert Hall in the lead-up to the auction, before being displayed and auctioned at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

It clocks in at 43ft long, 15ft high and 7ft wide, and weighs approximately 3,000 lbs.

Fewer than 20 T-rex skeletons exist in the world - most of which are incomplete.

Shen was found in McCone County, Montana in the Hell Creek Formation, and is 54% complete.

"From its surging, bloodthirsty stance, to its remarkable preservation, this is one of the most scientifically studied T. rex skeletons to come to auction," said James Hyslop, Head of Science & Natural History at Christie's Hong Kong auction house. "After the unforgettable, record-breaking sale of STAN at Christie's New York in 2020, it is a thrill and an immense privilege for us to be trusted with the sale of another wonderous T. rex skeleton."


  1. John Hammond needs a lobby centerpiece.

  2. 54% complete? So almost half is fake?

    1. Look where the arms attach, up near the spine.

      Years ago, one of my Geology professors told us that he had visited a museum and saw they had their Brontosaurus constructed backwards. According to the vertabrae, the tail should be on the other end.

  3. One wonders how a clear title to something 68 million years old can be established so that it can be sold. Human ownership of a T-Rex skeleton is but a blink of time.

  4. What a bargain! Only 37 cents per year.

  5. I'd make an offer but it won't fit in my living room.

  6. No mention of the sellers?