Sunday, September 25, 2022

Downpatrick Head, County Mayo, Ireland



  1. CW; Just want to say this has become one of my favorite sites.

    1. I appreciate that. It's certainly fun to put together.

  2. Been there done that. BTW: Westport's a great town to be based in for a Mayo exploration. It's been about 25 years since my last stay, but I recommend the Wyatt Hotel in town.

  3. My Mother was from County Mayo. She taught me Lace Curtain, Shanty and Pigshit.

  4. Matt Molloy's pub in Westport was where I experienced a bit of magic woven by the wee people. Sitting beside me at the same table was my distant cousin Maura who inquired where I'm from and who my family is. As I revealed the details she were shocked to realize I met her brothers 10 years earlier in Dublin. I had seen a photo of Maura when she was 15 but now she was 30. We'd never been in that pub until that moment. Shivers up the spine and lots of beer ensued.