Saturday, September 24, 2022

Hahaha! Dad has had enough of youthful silliness.



  1. All real Dad's know the proper response is: Hi Aneamic, I'm DAD.

  2. Better than telling dad you're unsure of your gender because your 1st grade teacher is giving lessons on Gender Identity in a course labeled: "G.I.G.I" (Government Issued Gender Identity)

  3. Drink plenty of water and eat natural, unprocessed salt; the blood needs minerals and the needed amount of iron from specific food is replaced by calcium, magnesium taken from wherever can be found.
    Such salt has minerals - all you need is 10 - 15 grams a day in salads or.... water!
    Processed salt does not count toward any benefit except the taste.

    1. Thats ridiculous. Salt is salt. The impurities in it vary widely by source. If you are looking for a specific impurity, then you arent looking for salt. Just get foods that hVe that impurity. Salt is just salt.

  4. Must be Limeys from the spelling.