Saturday, July 30, 2022

From the first Norman onwards to today

 William the Conqueror long did reign;

William his son, by an arrow was slain;
Henry the First was a scholar bright;
Stephen was king without any right.
Henry the Second, Plantagenet’s scion;
Richard the First was as brave as a lion;
John, though a tyrant, the charter was signed;
Henry the Third had a weakly mind.
Edward the First conquered Cambria dales;
Edward the Second was the first English Prince of Wales;
Edward the Third humbled France in its pride;
Richard the Second in prison died.
Henry the Fourth for himself took the crown;
Henry the Fifth pulled the French King down;
Henry the Sixth lost his father’s gains; 
Edward the Fourth laid hold of the reins.
Edward the Fifth was killed with his brother;
Richard the Third soon made way for another. 
Henry the Seventh was frugal of means;
Henry the Eighth had a great many queens.
Edward the Sixth reformation began;
Cruel Queen Mary prevented the plan;
Wise and profound were Elizabeth’s aims;
England and Scotland were joined by King James.
Charles the First found the people a cruel corrector;
Oliver Cromwell was called Lord Protector;
Charles the Second hid in an oak;
James the Second took the Catholic yoke.
William and Mary were offered the throne;
Anne succeeded and reigned alone.
George the First from Hanover came;
George the Second kept up the name;
George the Third was loved in the land;
George the Fourth was polite and grand;
William the Fourth had no heir of his own,
So Queen Victoria ascended the throne.
When good Queen Victoria’s long reign was o'er,
Edward the Seventh the English crown wore. 
His son George the Fifth, ruled the realm amassed,
where the sun never set, it was so vast.
Edward the Eighth gave up the throne for his wife;
George the Sixth ruled through World War II’s strife.
Elizabeth the Second reigns today,
And “God save the Queen” all her subjects hearts say!


  1. As a Scotsman, not too thrilled with "Charles The Pretender" or Cromwell......

  2. James VI & I, and James VII & II are correct titles.

  3. Started out as warriors. Became tyrants then sissies. Half my family spent over 200 years under their tyrannical rule. Immigrated here in 1626 and 1720. Inbred thieves.
    Burn in the abyss fueled by sulfur.

  4. (Great) Britain = Britons, Picts, Celts, Scots, Welsh, Cornish, Romans, Normans, Angles, Saxons, Danes, Gauls.
    Some *Diversity* there.

  5. Elizabeth is German, not Norman, Saxe-Coburg.

    1. But descendant of the Stuarts on the distaff side as Elizabeth Stuart, daughter of James I and VI, married Frederick V of Bohemia and had a bunch of children, leading eventually to George I of Hanover and the Saxe-Coburg line of English monarchs.

  6. George the Third was not exactly loved throughout ALL the land; he's the one got told to shove it on July 4, 1776.

  7. Lots of Roman noses there.

  8. roman? normans and the rest are jewish. or reptars, or both.

    1. It's just another name for an aquiline nose.

    2. Normans are Norse/French. So pagan/Catholic. Old school. They came from Norway, Charles the Simple of France offered the westward lands to them if they served under him, and thus Normandy was founded.

      Normans spread to Italy, Sicily, England, Wales, Scotland (the Low- and Mid-lands, NOT the High-lands,) Ireland, Antioch, Malta and Jerusalem, then back to Malta as the Holy Lands fell to the paynim.

      Don't know where you get they were Jewish or reptars or both from.

  9. John I got a bad rap. He had to buy his idiot brother Richard out of prison, he had to deal with his brother Richard bankrupting England to pay for his (Richard's) wars and political screwups, and inherited a bankrupt kingdom full of anger and strife from said dear brother Richard.

    And Richard III also got a bad rap. Especially over the two 'young princes' who, research shows, were being funded by the crown after Richard's death.

    Now, Henry VII, Tudor, who barely beat Richard and the rest of England even when backed by 10,000 French troops (Richard was unhorsed and cut his way almost to Henry, killing Henry's standard-bearer before being cut down) and who took the crown from Richard III had a very good reason for the two young princes to disappear as they had a vastly better link to the Crown, even though the princes were bastards. Henry's link to the crown was tenuous and most likely fake, though Henry VII, his son Henry VIII and his granddaughter Elizabeth I all worked very hard during their reigns to rewrite history, sometimes using a sword or axe, to make the line of Tudor look noble and degrade the line of York (that's where the whole eeeevil hunchback Richard came from, before the Tudors rewrote history Richard was known as a nice, fairskinned, warrior who treated his vanquished enemies almost as well as his friends.

    And that whole Sax-Coberg Gotha that got changed to 'Windsor' thingy... well... yeah.... Though Elizabeth II was a bit of a hottie as a young woman.

  10. I'm impressed with many of the historical recollections above, sans the fact that almost all "royality" is the result of massive inbreeding from a very limited gene pool. Calling it a gene pool is a misnomer, more like a small cup; Hapsburg, Bourbon, York, Lancaster, Stuart etc. With every king screwing his aunt, first cousin and probably is own siblings how could you not expect the likes of Prince Chucky and his ilk? All in the family, what happens in the family stays in the family, except for Harry. Harry was a foster child!

  11. Willie, Willie, Harry, Ste
    Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three
    1, 2, 3 Neds, Richard Two
    Harries 4, 5, 6, then who?
    Edwards 4, 5, Dick the Bad
    Harries twain, and then the lad
    Mary, Bessie, James the Vain
    Charlie, Charlie, James again
    William and Mary, Anne and gloria!
    Four Georges, William and Victoria
    Ned and George; repeat again
    And then Elizabeth comes to reigh.

  12. Yeah, it looks like all the pictures of hare lips and humpbacks have been deleted.