Thursday, October 28, 2021

C-5 Galaxy size comparison. Conclusion: it's big!



  1. I am a C-130 pilot (past the AF age for flying). Used to be an advertisment by Lockheed in the 1970's/80's with three pictures showing a C-5 at the top, a C-141 in the middle and a C-130 at the bottom. My caption to the advertisment was:

    Big MAC (C-5)
    Quater Pounder (C-141)
    Turkey Sandwich (C-130)

    If properly disassembled and packaged, I think you could stuff a C-130 into a C-5. Sorta of like a Turducken.

    1. IIRC, the de-winged and de-vertical stabbed EP-3E that landed in China was hauled away in a C-141

  2. You imagine doing a pre-flight...

  3. From the view of a civilian, I love the fact that it just looks conventional, no special features. Or it just scaled up without changing appearance

  4. You think the C-5 is big, you should see the box it was shipped to the USAF in. And the hangar that we had to keep the empty boxes in if we had to send one back to the factory.
    Yes, a de-winged and de-tailed C-130 fuselage would fit right into a C-5, just like the EP-3 that China forced down.
    Preflight took about 1.5 hours, two Flight Engineers in tandem.
    Former C-5 Flight Engineer (Instructor and SOLL II) and EC-130E FE (Instructor)
    Wandering Neurons