Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A nice rockfall closed Highway 70 in Plumas County


Meanwhile, a little ways south, Lake Tahoe’s water levels are back up above the natural rim, thanks to precipitation from the massive storm system that pushed across Northern California this weekend. 

Data from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that water levels at the Tahoe City dam, near the outlet of the Truckee River, rose almost a half of a foot in 24 hours. Meanwhile, more than 2 feet of snow accumulated on the mountaintops surrounding the Tahoe Basin.


  1. Mother Nature balances things out eventually. She don't care about human's scheduling.

  2. Drove to CA to visit my bro in Huntington Beach 1982. Raining in Reno and as we ascended toward Donner, noticed many cars and such pulling over, as it turns out to get chains afixed. As a Yooper, snow NEVER an issue, but pulled off in Truckee to buy chains, as required. Got back on the 80 went 1/4 mile traffic at a standstill. After an hour, backed off to the last exit and went back to Reno, still raining. The next day, set off again, with chains when required and drove some windy mtn road into Lake Tahoe, never exceeding about 20mph all the way. My first view of CA was a permanent lighted sign stating "chains or 4WD required over summit (Donner Pass), and never forgot that, was totes unexpected. The chains were abso overkill for me at least as a Yooper, but......arrived Fair Oaks (Sacto) and it rained non stop for 3 days. What a trip........

  3. Moar to say here. It turned out that the area received 20 ft of snow and I-80 was closed for 2 wks (as I recall), 9 dead in avalanches. Never saw Donner, never been back. Memorable.