Thursday, February 25, 2021

Well, that wrecked a perfectly good jeep and probably the driver's face.



  1. I hope that retard never again has the where with all to possess a decent vehicle as he has demonstrated his wasteful nature.

  2. Couldn't be Tiger Woods behind the wheel. The vehicle didn't roll over a couple of times.

  3. The jeep is probably fine....his face? Maybe not.

    1. Notice the location of the front wheel in relation to the body at the end.
      The entire front end drive assembly has been torn loose from the frame and shifted rearward.

  4. That is why I never consider buying a used Jeep.

  5. I've been driving 4WDs since my late teens. One thing a young man learns, there's a big distinction between stock, tough, bulletproof, and the movies. Going Dukes of Hazzard is fun for the first 10 feet, then come the repairs - and the cost of parts. You learned quickly to take the beach and the swamp slow when the alternative was not having transportation because you can't afford the parts.