Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The border between Belgium and The Netherlands is a line on the floor.



  1. I wonder if the Wehrmacht soldaten leapt that marker in May of 1940.

  2. If Netherlands is 1 word shouldn't it be N, not NL?
    Whose nethers landed there any how?

    1. Could it be possible that another country uses 'N' for it's designation?

  3. EU "border".......kind of like what we have here in the US now. Particularly under Biden and Company and the DimwitRats. And also by far too many of the Republirats. At least The Mighty Trumpster TRIED to do something for us US, and by extension, the world itself. But NOOOOOO. Too many Soy Bois and SJWs....

  4. There used to be a white stripe painted on the street between Texas and Arkansas in the city of Texarkana. Don't know if anybody build a restaurant on that line.

    Also had a Target built nearby that sat right on a line between two cities. Merchandise was in one city but all the cash registers were in another. Because of that, all the taxes were paid to the one city that had the registers. Pretty sure the other city was plenty pissed.

  5. shoulda put the cash registers right on the line and charged no taxes. Heh.