Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Classic



  1. Never seen much utility in these novelties.
    If it was in my pocket most of that stuff would never get used and always be in the way.

  2. When you have to 'MacGuyver Stuff Right Now' in the field, a SAK is worth the extra weight to carry.

    SAK saws are pretty effective on tinder sized wood or branches that get in the way of your shooting blind lane. Keep the small blade razor sharp, using the larger for EDC cutting.

    Internet search what the package hook and corkscrew can be used for - a lot of pretty handy tool ideas out there. The sewing needle awl is great for starting holes in holes were you plan on placing a screw.

    The handy features is the lanyard ring - fix to belt loop with a carabiner and it will be with you when you need it.

  3. I like the blue color, but the classic has to be red. I've carried one or another model since about 1970. And I beg to differ about its utility. I use something on it on a daily basis. I thought the little scissor was a joke when I first saw it until I tried it. It's razor sharp, and works well. I've never torn a wine cork with that corkscrew either.
    In my career in troubleshooting million dollar medical machinery, I've always enjoyed the irony of digging into them with a SAK.

  4. I have heard that a Swiss Army Wife is just as multifunctional, with culinary and other benefits added.