Thursday, February 25, 2021

New and Old



  1. I see 4 sports cars of which 2 are Jaguars, maybe an MG, the red one I cannot guess, and a Nash or Rambler station wagon. The plate on the black one looks like an AZ Sun Devils, and the terrain does as well. Just guessing.

  2. It saddens me to see those XK120s looking like that...
    I believe the Ferarri is a Testa Rossa from around 1957. Very Italian!
    Somehow reminds me of Sophia Loren...

  3. Bart, The Jags and MG are definitely correct, and yes that is a Nash station wagon. The other sports car is a first generation Corvette I believe. Looks like a '53 or '54. At least from what I can see here.

    Jeff, you are right. It is very sad to see the two Jags this way, but not something that can't be saved for the person with the right amount of money. The beautiful Testa Rosa, or Red Head in Italian, is of the '57-'58 vintage. This sports car was the epitome of the sport at the time. It's curves mimic that of a woman. A Sports car to fall in love with. Enzo must have had a thing for red heads. 😉😜