Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Open Road



  1. Thanks once again for a nice wrap up for the week
    #6 That is pretty hard core
    #20, There is a certain hotness to her
    #22, Ah, nothing like the serenity of a fresh snowfall, that is unless you've got to go to work through it!

  2. Wow. Friday already? It seems like it was Thursday just yesterday.

  3. Love the Griswold Family Truckster third from last, I can almost hear the kids fighting in the back...

  4. Another great bunch of Friday Open Road pics C W.
    #2 Where the hell is that?
    #4 A little more then scraping the pegs!
    #6 Yes, definitely hard core rider.
    #13 Breath taking.
    #15 Funny.
    #20 '57 Chevy wagon. And that picture was taken around that time too. Color is still good. Kodachrome?
    #21 Great view to wake up to.

  5. I like the muddy girl and the winding roads and he woodies.

  6. Thanks for the motivation. Just ordered a rust color decal off of ebay for my hooptie.

  7. a particularly satisfying collection CW....especially the little barker :):):)
    ...and the Imperial that's something you don't see everyday in these parts; maybe every other month or so...but then again, this is DC :(

  8. Beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I don't know where you source these images, but your taste in collecting them is exquisite.

    Thanks again.

  9. First glace on a tablet thought top photo was 2 fighter jets over a ship.
    Thanks for another adventure on a Friday.

  10. #23: Grew up in a '60 Rambler station wagon only it was white. That's what I learn to drive in. Three speed on the column. 196 cu inch straight 6 with a single barrel carb. Oil filter was the only option.