Saturday, February 27, 2021

I'm getting a couple of these - and USA made.



  1. Just bought four of them. I'll be fun to further organize to tools.

  2. The problem with those things is that you have to have wall space to mount them. My walls, every square inch it seems, is covered by something already. Mostly large tool shelves, and wood/metal storage, etc. I keep all mechanical hand tools in a double stack red Waterloo cabinet. But I put those on my watch list because the workshop is going to be reorganized this year. When you have too much stuff and not enough space organization is paramount.


    Cut to length, install so on end of the wrenches makes a line parallel to the drawer end and then you have room for another set running the other way. Even room for some oddball backups floating around down front. My craftsman top box has been set up for over forty years. The sticky has never failed but they were made in the seventies, so, who knows?
    If I want to hang something on a wall I hafta go outside or Hang em High

  4. I've got a couple in a drawer. Box wrenches in one and combination wrenches in the other.
    No cutting or fitting was needed. I thought that it would take some getting used to and I was concerned that I was still going to need more space for some duplicate wrenches but I took to them real quick.
    Having them ordered like that eliminates most of the need for duplicates.
    One of the best thing I did to my tool box.
    Still have screw drivers, pliers and socketwrenches/sockets all over but I'm good with the wrenches.

  5. The best product Earnst makes is their socket boss socket organizers.
    2-4 rails per tray and with a little planning, and these suckers have
    the density to store every socket and accessory in one or two drawers.