Saturday, February 27, 2021

Real barn treasure - better than a cord of wood!



  1. Holy shit!!! Don't tell me the person who owns this has no idea what he/she has.

    1. It's in a new steel building with other collector cars. I think they know.

  2. Carpooled many years back with a guy out in manufacturing. Picked him up one morning and he said "I'm pissed off, caught one of my kids out playing on my Cord."

    "Your WHAT?!"

    Turns out he was restoring one in his garage and had never mentioned it before. I never got to see the finished car.

  3. My Grandfather drove a later model white Cord convertible (I think it was called a coffin nose) while courting my Grandmother. She hated it, because it had red leather seats and the dye would ruin her clothes. Grandfather refused to put the top up....

    For some reason, unknown to me, I absolutely love convertibles. Must be in the genes.

  4. Wow in my home state north central Oklahoma very cool.