Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Of Course...



  1. Behold. Observe the Law of universal gravitation at work.

  2. Look where you’re going. Go where you’re looking.

  3. Meanwhile in Wuhan, a lab worker on a moped hurries across town to his place of work out of concern that he might have left a window open.

  4. Prime examples of the SouthEast Asian School of Roadworthiness and Driving Skills.

  5. I had that wreck. I thought I had a protected left turn but I didn't. My son said, softly, "We're gonna get hit." We were. It my fault, no doubt. But if the oncoming woman had gone straight, she would have missed me. Just like that wagon in the video. She hit me in the precise spot that I read about later which caused my Jimmy to roll. My son got a small cut on his forehead and I got a bloody nose. I still have the shirt which I call my lucky shirt.

    1. Sorry, I'm my father's son and I need to finish the story.
      I told the sergeant on the scene, "Theres a .45 in the console." He thanked me for telling him and said to pick it up at the station the next day. I did.
      I got a ticket for Failure to Yield. In traffic court the judge asked if there were any injuries and I, like a fool, said that my son had a cut on his head. The judge said, "it's just a small one, right?" I said, "Yes." The judge was doing that with everyone, trying his best to minimize the accident.
      This was small town Georgia twenty years ago. That town, where, thank God, I no longer live, is overrun with all kinds of diversity, national and international. I suspect that there's no longer that level of tolerance and trust with the police and courts. There. I've gotten it off my chest.