Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday Open Road

 Speaking of the open road, just did a trip to the Bay Area to do Thanksgiving with the daughters, and now I'm back.  Found out that they totally automated the toll plaza for the Bay Bridge and the Carquinez Strait.  Just drive on through, takes a picture of your plate, and a bill shows up in the mail.  I guess the folks who used to man the toll booths are now out of a job.  More casualties of the Wuhan Flu, but it is way faster than handing someone six bucks.


  1. Plate photo tolls. When I was living in Ireland a few years ago they had "photo-plate toll recognition" on some Motorways. You drive through, get photographed. The you have a certain amount of time (3 or 4 days) to stop at a petrol (gas) station, and give the clerk you plate number. They look it up in a database and tell you how much you owe. You can pay in cash or credit card.

  2. Same toll system crossing from In. To Ky; spent 4 months traveling, got home paid toll, still arguing about late fees. If they refuse to set up a system to pay (like Ireland?) they should not get late fees.

  3. hmmmm... The automated the toll?

    Smelly B--h I90 before nine~eleven (and since the day he was born and years after "We've got a problem") taxing the middle in the middle - otherwise the rest of the infrastructure is unrepaired... and it still sends picks to those without a NTTA toll whatever...


    1. forgot:

      6 11 21 funny

      13 - been there

      18 best

      22 wish

    2. Ummm...I've got bad news for you on the cost of the bridge tolls.

  4. 11 the lovely Sharon Tate killed by some crazy people.

  5. That last one - wow! Where is that?
    It reminds me of Amanohashidate in a bay on the Japan Sea.

  6. Is that Liz Montgomery ridin with the Joker? Bewitching!