Friday, November 27, 2020

Good for cold winter days



  1. They do not show a picture of the inside the bread pan, I think that is a machine with two paddles in the bottom. Two paddles leaves you with two holes in the bottom of the bread.

    You can take the paddle out after the last time it's used (just before the last rise) and get a loaf without the paddle hole, you just need to remember to do it.

  2. We have one and it only has 1 paddle, which we leave in as it's no problem. Just pick it out of the bread after it's done. The window is cool, for seeing where it's at in the cycle. What I don't like is the loaves are huge. We end up, for sandwiches, slicing off one slice then cutting it in half for each sando. What we use it for mostly now is just mixing and kneading the dough, which then transfer to full size loaf pans (after removing the paddle, and baking them in the regular over and getting a normal size loaf. We also make pizza dough in it, and at Christmas my wife used it to make huge batches of cookie dough and a variety of cake and brownie batters.

  3. The secret to good sourdough bread is make your dough only using 1/4 of your amount of yeast and sugar, knead the living hell out of the ball, stop, do it all again knead the hell out of that ball, like 15 minutes of beating the hell out of that dough, then place it overnite in the fridge, that stay in the fridge is what turns a ok loaf into a great loaf, add rest of yeast and sugar next day. do the rest of the steps. enjoy.