Friday, November 27, 2020

'65 Kenworth. Best one they ever built.


Thanks, Kevin (Elmo)


  1. A stupid question for the truckers: Why are so many of these tractor made so long? What does it add, is it for longer logs? Seems to me it makes it more difficult to maneuver tight turns and more awkward backing up. Would be interested to experience is limited to gooseneck trailers.

    1. Weight limit is dictated by wheelbase. More length = more payload.

    2. Ron is exactly correct. Gross (loaded) weights are determined by 'Bridge Laws'.

  2. A longer wheel-base gives a smoother ride (think: limousine). A short wheel-base would jar the driver too much because a tractor can't use the suspension like you would find in, say, a Jeep CJ. This particular tractor would be too long for jobs that required much backing though.

  3. Those trees could be a good bit longer with that longer tractor.

  4. Marked a bunch of Western Red Cedar in Idaho for phone poles. Had to be at least 65' with a 10" top at the shortest, and went up to 85'.

    Need a long set-up for that, even racking them above the cab.

  5. "Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
    In a Kenworth pullin' logs"

    CW McCall

  6. "We got a lil ole convoy, truckin through the night.
    Yeah we got a lil ole convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight."

    "C'mon and join our convoy, ain't nuthin gonna get in our way.
    We're gonna roll this convoy, across the USA... Convoy!"


    1975 - my first cross country road trip. I had a CB and a good stereo - with a brand new cassette player. (It had replaced my old 8-track player.) I had just turned 21.

    Yeah, it was a very good year.