Friday, November 13, 2020

Dash Porn



  1. There should be a book of just dash boards. hmm, maybe there is.

    1. There are books about airplane cockpits. I have "Cockpits of the Cold War" and "Cockpits of WWII". One thing that surprised me was just joe awful and unergonomic the Spitfire cockpit was. Very little was done for the ease of the pilot so far as laying out instruments and controls except for the most basic items.

  2. A couple of questions-
    What kind of a man dreams up a beautiful creation like that dashboard, and where have men like that all gone?
    If that tach goes up to 10,000 rpm, what on Earth is red line on that engine???

    Alright. That's three questions. I cheated.

  3. Thinking if that is a stock engine the valves floated long before 10K!