Tuesday, October 22, 2019



  1. Looks like one of the Rivet Joint variants. I finally got a chance at the Ft. Worth Alliance airshow on Saturday to tour KC-135 and go down into the boom operator's position and chat with the gas man himself.

  2. Yeah, the receiver is an RC-135 Rivet Joint type out of Offutt AFB. The bulges on the front of the plane is the give-away.

  3. I've got a few old photos from the opposite perspective from aboard those venerable old birds, while burning holes in the sky over eastern Turkey during GW1. The pilots would usually let one of us backenders come up front and watch the refueling by sitting on a camera case directly behind and between their seats. (Unless there was turbulence and we were all strapped in and trying to keep our eyes focused on our screens to keep from losing our lunches.)

    Flying 16-20 hour missions was not unheard-of and you needed a LOT of fuel,with the old engines they had on them back then, to stay in the air that long.