Saturday, October 19, 2019

A great shave soap

I just got this, and tried it out for the morning shave a few minutes ago.

I wish I'd bought a tub sooner - it's that good.

Not a bit, to my nose, like tobacco.  More like vanilla, cinnamon and apple cider, in that order.

Excellent slickness, and the lather worked up effortlessly.

A very pleasant experience.

Recommended.  If you're interested, find it here:


  1. Ok....I have to ask.....How do you get a lather that thick and frothy?!?!? I got a tin of fluffy shave cream awhile back and I'll be darned; I have no idea how to get it to froth.
    I am used to a hard soap puck in a just pour hot water into the cup for a bit; dump out the extra and start wiping up a lather.
    But with this tin I's already a light fluffy creamy airy.....soap.
    Do I dip the brush into it,and then go to the cup with some hot water in it? Do I dip the brush into it and then go straight to the face? Oh and what do you do with the extra foam in the brush? I was taught to always rinse it out of the brush....I guess so that it wouldn't harden the bristles.
    I know, you would have thought this was an instinctive thing to know; thanks for the information.


    1. First, I bloom the puck - I run some warm water on it and let is sit a very short time. Then, I'll run water in the brush so it's wet but not soaking, then apply to the now softened puck and vigorously stir. It's messy. On the second pass, I might stir some more, or just squeeze the lather out of the brush between my thumb and finger, and then sweep it up as needed off my hand. I do stir vigorously until it looks like I've loaded the brush up well. The soap puck lasts so long, I'd just practice until I got it the way I like it. You can also face later - the Second Lieutenant does it that way. Have fun!

  2. Thank you for adding the link. I have been wondering where you buy these fantastic supplies you show. I ordered the "Appalachian" soap and the "Appalachian" after shave lotion. Looking forward to trying them!