Friday, July 5, 2019

For all the snarling America haters that came out of the woodwork yesterday, this is for you.

The Fourth of July celebration in DC yesterday drew a bit of a crowd, even in the rain.

See you all in 2020!


  1. WOO, YEA! The Biggest gathering of Deplorables ever!

  2. If one didn't know better, one would think it was for hillery's hanging...

    1. For that, there'd be an even bigger crowd! If that happens, I'll be there myself, and so will everyone I know!

  3. Makes me feel proud to be just one of the Millions of Deplorables!!!

  4. Celebrated as John Adams strongly suggested...that Independence Day be celebrated in spades (oh, "and with guns").

    Well done, Mr. President. Well done, real Americans. The rest can go pound sand.

  5. That ceremony brought tears to my eyes, and President Trump's speech was perfect! He told the story of America's fighting forces and the history of our country. It was as nonpartisan as a speech can be, and celebrated the USA!

    Those who claimed it would be "all about him" must've mistook President Trump for Obama!

  6. I agree with all of the above. I was very proud to be retired Veteran while watching the festivities. I was even more proud the next day to see the libtard's heads exploding --- especially that fat f*ck Micheal Moore