Thursday, July 25, 2019

They'd love to have you for dinner


  1. Not even 1 human death by Orca.

  2. Not at all. Predators (so called) are merely misunderstood, and likely had traumatic childhoods. If you speak calmly and rationally to them, appealing to their innate kindness and empathy, then everything will be fine.

    If they react in a way you did not anticipate, it's obviously because you triggered them because of your assumption of human privilege. Don't presume to speak to them as equals, because you (personally) owe them for the centuries of oppression their ancestors have suffered. (Guilt and debt are genetically transmitted. It's how we get "third-generation survivors" and such.) Always remember that you are morally inferior to the misunderstood and discriminated-against so called predator.