Tuesday, May 7, 2019

When the government we elect to handle this stuff fails, the responsibility and duty to act falls back to the citizens.

'Pothole Vigilantes' are covertly fixing Oakland, California roads in the middle of the night.

But, it's pathetic it has come to this.  

Oakland drivers their streets are some of the worst in the country, costing locals an extra $1,049 a year in car maintenance on average.
The problem has prompted two Oakland residents to go rogue, pulling off covert missions to patch potholes in the middle of the night. They've dubbed themselves the "Pothole Vigilantes" and show off their work on an Instagram page by the same name.
When asked about the unauthorized roadwork, Oakland Public Works empathized with the problem at hand, but made it clear that Oakland residents shouldn't be taking to the streets to fix them themselves.
"This kind of activity tells us what we often hear from our community: They are frustrated and fed up with the pavement condition in their neighborhood," said Sean Maher, a spokesperson for the department. "We can't recommend anyone do this work themselves, not least because it raises safety issues while people are working in the streets."
Maher made a plea for patience, saying more resources to fix roads are on the way. The city council is set to vote on a $100 million plan to repave streets over the next three years. The money would come from Measure KK, approved by voters in 2016.
So, the city authorities "often hear" how bad the problem is, and they've had 1oo million in cold, hard cash since 2016, but have done nothing??  Incompetent morons!  So clueless they don't even realize how dumb this sounds.
Just last year, the city also launched the OAK 311 program, which they say makes it easier to report problems and request maintenance around Oakland.
Well, it's not needed if you already "often hear" about road problems, and also, if you really wanted to fix things, just put a road crew at the city limit somewhere, and start driving the roads, fixing potholes as you go.
What a bunch of idiots.  They should all be fired, their pensions cancelled, and the job contracted out to competent private parties.


  1. They are still trying to figure out how to steal the money witout getting caught. They are a poor excuse for even third world kleptocrats.

  2. Money has probably already been spent on some Lefty feel good program

  3. Vote Democrat and you'll be assured of lots more of this style governance.

  4. 40 years back I was told you could get a direct indication of the honesty of local politicians by the condition of the roads. the comments by the government workers verify this as truth

  5. Is the re-bar still sticking up on the stretch I-5 just north of Bakersfield? It was going in the direction of traffic, so not terribly dangerous.

  6. Shit like this reminds me of soviet-era infrastructure. Dismal, rundown, crumbling cities, inhabited by apathetic, at best, "citizens".... The scary part is we haven't even reached soviet levels of socialist representation, yet.

  7. Highest tax rates in the country, highest gasoline (to road) taxes in the country, resulting in some of the most incompetent and under-serving government services. Solution? "Let's do it ourselves at our own expense and claim to be Zorro!" You're doing it wrong, guys - unless there is a government worker under each of those pothole patches, for filler material.

  8. Oakland...Gotten soo bad, even the Raiders are leaving.

  9. At least they're getting the roads fixed where they live, and saving on repairs to their own cars by fewer potholes.

    Where I am, the city gov't is spending tons of money on speedbumps & roundabouts (aka Elephant Turds) to slow down traffic. They're also making two-lane roads single lane, to allow for bicyclists; those bicyclists already own the road & take up however many lanes they want, usually all of them, and they're free with their single-fingered gestures to motorists wanting to get by.

    I'm beginning to dream about an armored bulldozer, wiping out speedbumps while shooting down bicylists with a mounted chaingun; I'm not sure if those dreams are healthy!