Tuesday, May 28, 2019

French float planes at a base somewhere in the Mediterranean.


  1. British, I think.
    The roundel bullseyes appear to be red, which is RAC/RAF.
    The French ones would be blue, with the outermost ring being red.
    The tail markings also appear to be R/W/B from front to rear, also British.
    French are the opposite.

    And it's an Imperial War Museum photo, which is Britain as well, so more likely British a/c than an ally's planes.

  2. The flying boat in the foreground is an FBA Type C (could be an A or B) while the two behind it are Donnet-Denhaut flying boats which were used by the French Air Force. The RNAS did buy some FBA Type Cs but they were built in Britain under licence and had a square tail.
    I'm not sure this is the Mediterranean. The buildings look like they are built for a colder climate and the people are wearing pants and long sleeved jackets despite the sun being high in the sky. To counter the U-boat menace there were many seaplane bases on the western and northern coasts of France so the flying boats could protect the convoys as they approached the continent.