Friday, May 31, 2019

The summit of a vengeful Mount Shasta was wreathed in cloud this afternoon, while the people of the little towns scattered about its slopes went about their business, unaware of what might be happening on the gloomy peak.


  1. Speaking of what's going on under the clouds on top of Mt Shasta did you catch any of that Navy/UFO talk? I saw something of it on the tube sometime in the last two days..
    An object goes from nothing to really really fast in no time at all as reported by creditable observers.
    Flying saucers from Mt Shasta or maybe the Canadians have developed a new power source... but it can be done, the no wings, no smoke just move! All we need to do is figure out how it was done..
    Then again maybe it's aliens obeying their Prime Directive about watching & don't interfere?

    1. Except for cow mutilations and nighttime anal probing, of course. :^)

  2. ...and the implacable, brooding blogosphere watched and bided its time.