Thursday, May 30, 2019

BP meds, I love them.


  1. I take 3 BP meds and have to stand slowly or I "gray out".

  2. Keep on doing it and you may find yourself with a retinal infarction or worse a stroke. I "had to" change meds once because of a insurance change. I didn't know any better and thought the gray outs would go away. My job then required lots of stooping over and squatting/standing, one day I stood too quick and in few minutes had a growing black spot in my right eye's vision around 10 o'clock. Off to the eye doc, he forces two aspirin in me then tells me he has already called my primary doctor who is ordering a lot of tests. I was lucky my eye problem nearly healed (99%) and the other tests were negative for artery blockages. I told the Doc to write me a script for the old meds that worked without all the side effects and I'd just pay for them out of pocket. After all that I go to pick up my new/old prescription and the damn insurance covers them just the same.....I could chew nails and poop tacks.