Wednesday, May 29, 2019

California Lion attacks a human

A female mountain lion suspected of attacking the boy was shot and killed by wildlife officers hours later, California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) spokesperson Lt. Scott Bringman said. 

The boy was hiking with a group of six adults and five children in the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve, in an area known as Carson's Crossing at the center of the preserve, when the animal attacked at about 2:30 p.m.

While authorities were investigating the attack, a female mountain lion that appeared "habituated" approached them. Wildlife officers shot and killed the animal.  Later, it was unfortunately learned that the lion was not the one wanted and only sought to inquire as to the little boy's health, when it was shot down by the jittery and trigger happy wardens (maybe I added that part).  

In contrast, the boy's wounds were not considered life threatening.
What the family really needed for this hike was one of these:

The last time a mountain lion attacked in San Diego County was in Dec. 1994, when a 56-year-old woman was killed at Cuyamaca State Park.
Ok, how do we know that it was the mountain lion that attacked??  It could be that it was the 56 year old woman who was the aggressor here, and it was just that the lion got the better of the fight.  Could be.


  1. Should have sold tickets. I'd shoot that fucking cat in a heart beat. Keep in mind that if your house cat was 40 pounds heavier you would not need to worry about feeding it, you would need to not be that feeding.

  2. You're a pathetic asshole making light of the situation. Maybe we should have you along with every group of hikers to arbitrate. Loser.

    1. How did I make light of the situation fuck head? I see who the loser is here. Your lack of education tells.

  3. This is why you should always carry a firearm while out in nature. Also a good knife or handaxe.

  4. Big cats are getting more prevalent all the time. They're protected, people aren't. It's surprising that this cat attacked such a large party though- I wonder if it was sick or injured? That kid is very lucky, a lion that size could've broken his neck very easily.

    Yeah, going armed would be a good idea- but this is SoCal, so if anyone sees that you're armed then you'll be in trouble. If someone in that group had shot the lion, I wouldn't expect the authorities to give them a medal, but an indictment wouldn't surprise me in the least!

  5. The cat was probably last years kitten chased of by the mother when the new litter is on the way. As far as a dog goes you might be providing bait to bring the cat in to kill it for food. The only dog breed I am aware of that has killed a mountain lion one on e in an Argentine Dogo The story goes a girl in Argentina went out to the orchard to pick apples. she was stalked by the cat but ONE on the Families Dogos went with her he weighed about 90 pounds He killed the cat while the girl ran back to house to tell her family what was going on. The dog got torn up of course but he survived.