Saturday, May 4, 2019

This makes me smile


  1. Someone probably thought they were taking a really macho picture.

  2. Remington Model 12 I think. My Uncle owned one he inherited from my grandfather. My first cousin is in possession of it now. Hope she takes care of it.

  3. Those old .22 pump guns always make me think of Annie Oakley. She once shot a cigarette from Kaiser Wilhelm's mouth; if she'd missed, and killed the Kaiser, it might have prevented WWI! It probably wouldn't have done Annie much good though, and as usual she didn't miss.

    1. I get the spirit of your post, but none than the English bankers, the true power-brokers, that created the war would have been able to stop it. The politicians and nobility did as they were ordered, and where the greatest profit lay.
      Don't forget that the British royals, the Battenberg/Mountbatten family were huge stockholders in Krupp armaments.