Sunday, May 19, 2019

A whole lot of truth in this statement, illustrated daily in the news and media.

Intellectuals are more totalitarian in outlook than '

the common people.  Most of them are perfectly 

ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, 

systematic falsification of history, etc, so long

as they feel that it is on 'our side.'

George Orwell

Update, and right on point:

To Fight 'Extremism,' Journalists Are Praising Online Censorship

Orwell knew well of what he spoke.


  1. Correction:

    There is NOTHING but truth in that statement. The translation/subtext of every liberal/progressive/socialist/whatever bumpersticker is simply "I'm Better Than You."

  2. The words that “it’s ok if our side does it, because we’re doing what’s best for society.” - comes out of the mouths of both the left and the right - and both are sincere in their position. And when whatever they each propose involves giving up rights for security, or involves taking the hard earned proceeds of our labor and intellect - they’re wrong.

    1. Our experiences must differ greatly. In my life I've never heard normal people - i.e. conservative people - advocate violence and suppression "for the greater good," if only because their audience is generally composed of people with some form of ethical framework. "Thou shalt not kill" is meaningful only to the moral.

      "Liberals," on the other hand, have always impressed me as spoiled and entitled brats, ever since I became aware of them in the '50s. They always have seemed only too ready to seek the least form of authority to enlist in their quest to shove their opinions down everybody else's throat.

    2. Have you ever heard "normal people" or "conservative people" say "There ought to be a law!"? Because that is a call for violence. Every law is based on the premise of "Do what I say or I will send men with guns to kill you." Now, killing a person for their action(s) may or may not be reasonable. Murder, rape, robbery sure hang em high. Self medicating without the government's permission? Not so much.
      How many times have you heard a "conservative person" say "If they had only followed orders from the cop.........". That is advocating violence.
      How many times have you heard a so called "conservative person" advocate bombing another nation back to the stone age?

    3. Good points, Chris. I'm sure you're right, although I've never personally heard those things from anybody - maybe because I've avoided people like that instinctively, on the principle of keeping assholes to a minimum.

      Maybe it's where we both live. I've never been in a place where right-wingers have felt safe expressing ideas like that, and I've lived my life where Cultural Marxism is taken for granted. I will say that anybody who feels it wise to argue with a guy with a gun should eventually expect to get his ass handed to him.