Friday, August 10, 2018

Some California style rocking going on at the Kilauea Crater in Hawaii

On July 5, 2018, USGS video cameras stationed at various summit locations happened to record one of the collapse events. The first clip shows the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory entrance sign rattling in response to ground shaking. The second clip shows dramatic movement along the rock wall and a ground crack at the Jaggar Museum Overlook in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.


  1. I kinda expected this. Just because the outflow has slowed or stopped doesn't mean that the lava pump has been shut off.

    Worse case scenario is lava gets over-pressured under the now more solid plug and ka-blooie. Or a slump collapse like Mt. St. Helens.

    With volcanoes, distance makes good neighbors.

  2. Has anyone declared the volcanic eruptions, not just in Hawaii but all over the earth are the fault of "global warming" and "Donald Trump" yet? Seems like Jerry brown and the Liberal media have broadcast that idea on the California Forest Fires. (Smokey the bear called them FOREST fires when I was a kid so that's what I call them today)

  3. The only way to stop it is to sacrifice Barack into the caldera. Pele is waiting... It's the only solution, and for Barack, his road to immortality.

  4. LL+1 And don't forget Hillary for a double dose of sacrifice for Pele.

  5. Maybe this means Pele has rolled over, pulled the blankets tighter, and is now going back to sleep for a long time. I hope so!

    Still, it certainly wouldn't hurt to throw Obama, Moochelle and all the Clintons in the caldera, just to give Pele (and me) sweet dreams!