Saturday, August 11, 2018

Not really far from the truth.


  1. Do not guffaw at this it's coming. We 40 year old adults laughed our asses off back in 1982 when someone suggested the world would be connected by an international "network" that would instantaneous allow anyone anywhere to interact with anyone anywhere without paying Ma Bell long distance rates and the Dick Tracy wrist radio would become a reality in 30 years too.

  2. Some folks near me have IoT (Internet of Things) connections to the digital locks on their doors, so they can open their doors via their smartphone. Many now have Echo, Alexa, Siri and a host of others, plus of course their "smart" TV, listening (some are watching, too) to every word they say.

    What I find most amazing is that people actually pay to have Big Brother surveilling them; they weren't forced to have the telescreen installed, they asked for it themselves. SMH!

  3. That would be the last time it said "No" to me.