Friday, August 10, 2018

Shave of the Day

One and a half very easy and careful passes on this Rockwell blade in the WCS Mariner razor.  My neck is still recovering from the abuse inflicted by an overly enthusiastic me, a fresh and very sharp Derby blade, loaded into that aggressive Rockwell razor the other day.  The line between incredibly close shave and a bloody mess is a narrow one.

I have to say the B&M First Snow is very good.  Excellent pine/juniper scent, and slick rich lather.  Following that with the crisp apple scent of the Summer Break Teacher's Pet splash is just an awesome way to start the day.

Summer Break deserves a little business. They're a family affair out in Kearney, Nebraska.  You can't go wrong with this splash if you like a crispy apple scent.

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