Saturday, August 4, 2018

Gene Tierney as Laura Hunt (1944)


  1. Delectable........

  2. Is that the movie where Rock Hudson plays Mike Hunt?

  3. A timeless beauty........

  4. I think there was a higher premium placed on facial beauty in those days. Today there are many actresses with great bodies but only average pretty faces. No doubt the coming of the bikini shifted the focus of attention.

    Male actors today are quite buff, too. They don’t do near enough films compared to Bogie and the Duke, and they are seriously t ype cast.

    Great movie and great musical theme.

  5. My Dad was had great admiration for Gene Tierney. He told me she visited his ward at Bethesda Naval hospital while he was recovering from wounds received in the Marianas, 1944.
    RIP, Dad.


  6. Making good films with light and shadow.

    1. back when film makers practiced there crafts with out naked women cluttering up the set. today, too many actors are not worth the "film" used on them. generally, craftsmanship in front of the camera and behind the lense is something missing in today's film industry with a few notable exceptions. flesh and bullets is what sells today.