Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday Open Road


  1. I think this was your best in the Series, CW. I can only narrow it down to 5 or 6. Well done!

  2. Reindeer in morning mist crossing lake
    Yellow Jeep just finishing crossing
    "Who wears short-shorts?" mostly on Land Rover's right front fender
    2nd to last frame B/W ... compelling tones
    Byronic hero pos[eur] in mid-air.

    1. I should hire you to write my titles.

      That Jeep crossing the creek is classic Sierra Nevada. I've done similar many times up there, and they were good times indeed.

  3. The yellow jeep is on the Rubicon - a familiar scene indeed. Camping under the stars - timeless.

  4. After the duct tape pic, the others no longer astound and amaze me.......just more 'photo' fakeness. Something I used to look forward to now ruined.

  5. What a wonderful collection! Hard to get past that first pic: babes in t-bird land. No seat belts! Today they'd all be arrested, sigh.

    Anon @12:22- son, you may be too short for this ride. Happy trails to you!

  6. The remuda chasing the rain.

    Never go anywhere without the Handyman.

    When the stars come out.