Sunday, August 5, 2018



  1. That's more like the one's that I like to see. For some reason I don't gravitate toward the fixed up fancy ones. The two that I have are a stock, surplus Ithaca and a Remington Rand. To me they are beautiful just the way they are......

    1. I agree.
      I had a Colt 1911 (not A-1), AA refurb.with mismatched Remington slide which I sold to finance another project.

      For those interested in such a weapon here's a look at the CMP inventory:
      I must say they look better than expected.
      Grab one while you can.


    2. The Ithaca had a beat up commercial Colt slide when I got it on the cheap. Ended up finding a surplus Ithaca slide for it in Shotgun News, if I remember correctly. A friend of mine got the Remington Rand in a trade for an old camper trailer that he was asking $200 for. Then he sold the 1911 to me for $200. Now this was back in the early nineties when that figure was worth a lot more than today, but it was still a sweet deal...............

  2. My choice is a Remington R2 1911 and a 24" bolo-bladed machete. yeah.....

  3. such a fine home defense weapon set. Imagine an intruders mind set upon espying the homeowner with these two items at hand. Knife for close in work and the forty five as a club in the other hand. that would probably hurt a lot.