Saturday, February 3, 2018

Now that's the kind of snowpack I wanna see!


  1. I got nothing against snow.
    But I don't like shoveling it, or driving in it, or walking through it, or having it fall on me when I slam the door.

    The kind of snow I like is what I can see on the mountaintops, from a distance..

    Not real fond of walking on ice either.


  2. well don't shovel it, wait for it to melt. don't drive in it, get the snowcat out. don't walk thru it, walk on it with your snowshoes. finally, never ever slam the door as that would bring on the avalanche that is waiting for you.
    if you don't like the snow, why on earth would you live so close to the mountians?

    1. Like I said, I got nothing against snow.