Thursday, February 22, 2018

California weirdness - weather edition

Just a few miles eastward from here, it's snowing hard over the Tahoe passes.

Echo Summit on 50 looks cold and deserted.

To the north, Highway 80 over the summit appears the same, although you can see some traffic coming over in bunches. 

Meanwhile, here where I am it's cool and sunny.  So comfortable, in fact, that one of the cats is enjoying the sun and rolling in that sweet, sweet garden soil.

Nice day, looking north.  It's amazing what just a few miles difference can make in the weather you're experiencing.  I could go from this to that snowy weather in a little over an hour driving.  The Mighty Dodge could handle it with ease.


  1. You need an owl in the grill to act as a night vision look-out for the Dodge.

    1. Excellent idea! Now, to catch a willing owl....

    2. If you can't find an owl, strap a progressive in there between the radiator and the grill. There are plenty of them out there. Plant some rainbow soft-serve ice cream and bait them in if you need to.

    3. "Bait them with rainbow soft serve ice cream…" Classic, thanks for the chuckle!

  2. weather like that makes the thermal imager work a whole lot better. and who knows, maybe we are a little bit smarter than the donner party

  3. to heck with you, CW. We got 4" (almost) starting about 3pm up here in Pine Grove. We're right up the road from you. Chains were required in Pioneer.