Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Exercising fiscal sanity, the state of Maine now has 1 billion dollars stashed in the bank.

The amount of money in the cash pool varies from day to day as revenues come in and expenditures go out, but State Treasurer Terry Hayes, an independent, said the average monthly balance has surpassed the $1 billion mark in all of the past seven months except August 2016. Hayes, a former Democrat who was elected in December to a second two-year term as treasurer, said that in addition to a slowly improving economy, the lofty balance is because of work by the Republican-controlled executive branch under LePage.
California, take notice.


  1. California lacks the capacity to do anything but levy taxes and buy votes for democrats

  2. I thought Maine was a socialist controlled State? I'm at 124 west, so I'm not familiar. Actually, I don't even go as close as Portlandia anymore, for obvious reasons.

    1. LePage is a tough guy. A real conservative. The legislature like most of southern Maine, is full of moonbats and snowflakes they all hate him to no end.

  3. Don't get too excited; it is only fun with numbers to make the voters complacent:

    And as with most socialist tricks like this, if this horde was real, it is all stolen from taxpayers, to be dispensed by those who smugly think they know better...

  4. Not everyone hates him here in Maine. He won big in his last election