Monday, April 24, 2017


So since the wife isn't at work today, I took what's known as a "dog day" and stayed home to play.  She and I were hanging in the front room just now after lunch, when we heard a pop and then a small crash from the kitchen.

Suspecting cat misbehavior, we went in and discovered that the miscreant was actually Doug, the sourdough starter.  It appears that last night Mrs. CW fed Doug some sweet, sweet flour, stirring it in nicely so all the little yeasty beasties can have a bite.

Doug's current home is a tupperware container, and someone put another container on top, since they stack.

Well, the beasties ate, and ate and ate, and produced so much sourdough pressure, that the pop we heard was the lid blowing off the tupperware, which propelled the other container into the sink.

Doug.  What a scoundrel!