Saturday, April 22, 2017

Trump, unlike Obama, uses his position to rescue an American and her people trapped in an Egyptian prison. The MSM simply cannot give him full credit. Althouse has a good commentary on the success and it's interpretation by the media.

WaPo prods us to think of the Trump administration in terms of "confusion" (it's the old "chaos" template, that alternates with "evil" in the elite media's coverage of Trump):
What the White House plans to celebrate as vindication of its early diplomacy comes at the end of a week in which the administration has combated charges of foreign policy confusion. Although the president received wide praise for his decision to punish Syria for its presumed chemical weapons attack with a barrage of cruise missiles, the administration has been criticized for contradictions over policy toward Syria and Turkey, and misstatements on the U.S. response to North Korea’s weapons activity.
Successful action is camouflaged in verbiage about things that have been said. Some of his words may sound like confusion, but that doesn't mean Trump is confused about what he is saying. Maybe he knows how to use words. There's an awful lot of evidence that he does. You can look down on him and call him confused, but when the results come in, you ought to question your analysis of what he is doing with words. 


  1. There's no confusion in the White House. It's a focused lens. I know people who work there. The place is a machine. And he has been achieving results, which angers the smug, elite, lying, corrupt, mainstream media.

    Meanwhile, "Shattered" has become a best seller and the elite media's champion is revealed to be a shrewish bitch.

  2. Yup,

    Here's an "op-ed" from Yahoo that reveals the Liberal Media hates what Trump is doing. It's a real pathetic piece of journalism:

    I voted for Trump mainly for one reason: He's NOT a politician"!