Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tall/Long Mandan or Miwatani Hanska was a chief of the Oohenompa Lakota (Two Kettles).

There is little known of Long Mandan’s private life, except for an alleged quarrel with the hotspur Gall of the Hunkpapa. 
“It happened that a Sioux named Long Mandan went up to the Ree village at Fort Berthold, and took a Ree wife. Gall thought this a disgrace — a kind of treason — for a Sioux and a head man to go and live with the Rees. Gall went up and ran off some of Long Mandan’s horses”
(Stanley Vestal, New Sources. of Indian History, 1850-1891, p. 221 f.)

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  1. Before rock and roll, it was sex, horses and tribal politics. After rock and roll, nothing changed except that cars replaced horses.