Saturday, April 22, 2017

Talk about playing the golden oldies!

Last November, piano tuner Martin Backhouse was having a hard time with some sticky keys on a 1906 Broadwood & Sons upright piano he was overhauling for The Community College of Bishops Castle. Martin found the problem when he removed the keys: eight parcels full of gold coins.
The school alerted the Finds Liaison Officer for the region, Peter Reavill, and he and his colleagues at the Portable Antiquities Scheme examined and catalogued the hoard. Inside seven cloth-wrapped parcels and one suede drawstring pouch, they counted 913 gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns ranging in date from 1847 to 1915, issued in the reigns of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V. The weight of the coins totals more than 6 kilos (13+ pounds) of gold bullion.


  1. It sucks that we live here where nobody hoarded anything. Progressives are said to hoard carbon credits...but that doesn't do us any good at all.

  2. And the government will take it - for your own good.

  3. Finds Liaison Officer? You have got to be kidding me. Only in the once formerly Great Britain. I'm sure the Community College can use the money for "educashional pograms." Sheese!