Sunday, April 30, 2017

Oh yeah

Every adult taxpayer with a clean criminal record should be required to have one of these.  Like the Swiss.  That's the militia.  I wonder which political party would support placing such power in the hands of each productive citizen, and which would fight such an idea?


  1. I am building a 9mm AR9 pistol that takes Glock 9mm mags. It cost me about 22 cents per round for 223 and it takes twice as long to process and load as 9mm. I can load up 9 mm for 10-12 cents per round.

  2. Stoner designed POS! "Requiring" me to own anything designed by Eugene Stoner should be grounds for justifiable homicide. I wouldn't have one if I found it laying on the ground, and besides it is as ugly as a warthogs ass.--Ray

  3. Neither party would support placing such firepower in the hands of each productive citizen. Both would oppose it.

    1. We just need to do it and not put it on the Internet...

  4. I've never seen the purpose of a rifle caliber pistol like that. Not that people shouldn't have one, by all means go for it if that rocks your boat. Now one of those Thompson Contenders is a different matter.

  5. In concept yes. In application not so much. That short barrel takes away what .556 has going for it. It's a nice range toy though.