Saturday, April 22, 2017

Like old planes?

If, like me, you could look at vintage aircraft for hours, you should know that Old AF Sarge has a post up on the NAS Pensacola with a tub full of great old airplanes.

My favorite:

How'ja like to be the nose gunner on that bird?


  1. I'd rather fly it than be the nose gunner/navigator. But there was a lot of pucker flying those crates because a zero could make short work of them.

  2. PBY5A. My dad flew PBY's during WWII. He said the 5A version, with gear to land on land, destroyed the aircraft's useful load. The regular PBY regularly flew 25 hour 'Hops'.

  3. The Museum of Naval Aviation should be on every bodies bucket list. Over 200 planes inside and a bunch outside and Tuesday mornings during the winter the Blue Angles practice. Also go to the light house and downtown P'cola. It has the wrought iron balconies like Bourbon street with out the clowns peeing on your shoes.

  4. When I was a kid (I am 68) a PBY used to land at the Municipal Airport in Sault Sainte Marie, MI during the summer months for several years running. I remember riding my bike up there for a looksee, as I had built a plastic model of it. Not sure if it was someone's flying yacht, or some research rig or what. Awesome machinery.